Updated on
November 14, 2014

Rocky Mountain Ki Society invites
the Aikido Community to their

Fall SEMINAR 2014 with

8th Dan, Chief Instructor of
Midland Ki Federation, USA

Friday, November 21 to
Sunday, November 23, 2014


Please download the Flyer (pdf) with Maps and Registration Form

Friday, November 21:
     Boulder Ki-Aikido dojo
6:30pm  to  9:00pm Ki and Aikido  (session 1)
Saturday, November 22: 9:00am  to  11:30am Ki and Aikido  (session 2)
     RMKS Westminster dojo 1:30am  to  4:00pm Ki and Aikido  (session 3)
  ~~ Evening Get-Together, TBA
Sunday, November 23: 9:30am  to  12:00pm Ki and Aikido  (session 4)
      RMKS Westminster dojo 1:30pm  to  2:30pm Test preparation, open for everyone

followed by

Yudansha Testing

The sessions are open to everyone with basic Aikido experience regardless of affiliation or style.

Kokyunage Irimi and Tenkan, demonstrated by Kashiwaya Sensei, 8th Dan:




2013 Boulder Ki-Aikido






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